Answering directly to 1987’s original Predator movie and ignoring the other sequel (and crossovers), Predators opens with a bunch of humans free-falling haphazardly into a dense jungle, in a period circa 2000AD.  It is  surmised that all were – literally – plucked out of their daily lives and thrown together, and that all (save for the doctor of the group) are predators in their own right – a mercenary, a black ops sniper, an RUF death squad officer, a death row inmate, a Russian commando, a drug cartel enforcer and a Yakuza member.  Drawing a parallel to Saw, the human predators are merely game for the alien Predators, and the jungle is the playing field.

The ensemble cast is comprised almost entirely of recognisable-at-the-back-of-your-mind faces, but the only ones who should be revealed at this point are Adrien Brody as Royce the mercenary, and Danny Trejo in the same job Danny Trejo always takes (*cough*drugcartel*cough*).  Trust me, you’ll enjoy it all the better if you aren’t pre-empted for the rest.  The group comprises some stock characters (*cough*DannyTrejo*cough*), but in a good mix with the not-so-stock.  Adrien Brody’s attempted cynical-cowboy delivery is just about the only thing here that really bugged me.  Lack of character depth and dodgy script lines added absolutely no harm because this show is so, so much fun as a B-grade.  I mean, wasn’t the original?  In that aspect, with the disoriented otherworldly jungle environment and the idea of a bunch of badasses and their badass weapons shoved together (and all-new “Super” Predators!), this movie did well in forgetting the three previous instalments.  And by the end of its 106 minutes, you will too.

Director:  Nimrod Antal
Producers:  Robert Rodriguez, John Davis & Elizabeth Avellan
Screenwriters:  Michael Finch & Alex Litvak
Starring:  Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo



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