Movies To Marathon: Saw series

Films Involved:  7  (Saw; Saw II; Saw III; Saw IV; Saw V; Saw VI; Saw: The Final Chapter)

Approximate Total Runtime:  11 hours 6 minutes

Storyline Progression:  I like to think of the Saw series as a camera that’s slowly zooming out:  it begins with two men in a bathroom (or one man on a chair if you count the 2003 short), and ends in complete public eye with a body count of dozens.  I like how important the Jigsaw and Amanda Young characters are to the whole series, even posthumously, tying it together both philosophically and emotionally as completely opposite forces working in tandem.  I like how Jigsaw’s “work” has turned into a legitimate legacy of its own over the course of the series, and I love how, as a result of this legacy, we are forced to never relax our own feelings about any character until they end up dead.

Continuity:  Even though you’ll experience a very noticeable shift in writing and directorial styles between parts 1-3 and parts 4-7, I was happy to note that nothing was majorly overwritten.  Directors and scriptwriters more than respected their predecessors’ work; acknowledging it, feeding off it and building around it almost seamlessly; never letting an instalment go wayward like many other franchises have.  I appreciated the consistency of the film editors throughout the series:  colour grading to hint at chronological order, speed ramps and fast cuts for tension, and re-emphasis of Jigsaw’s key messages through flashbacks at the end of each film – nice techniques which Saw has neatly made its own.

Marathon Verdict:  DO IT.  We had a lot of fun with it.  By ‘we’ I mean a group where gore fans were outnumbered.  The pace of the movies is gonna keep the audience on its toes all the time; even the squirmish will lose the battle with curiosity and stick it out.  If you want a shortcut you can afford to ignore Part 7 –  I don’t feel it brought anything fresh to the series and unfortunately, came off the back of an excellent Part 6.



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3 responses to “Movies To Marathon: Saw series

  1. I have only seen the first Saw and honestly it was pretty gross lol. Not my type I suppose!

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