The Code

In the world of  web-distributed short films, it’s important to retain the audience’s attention for the entirety of the piece.  Within six minutes, The Code piles a non-stop zombie-horde of  horror homages and bleeds them to its advantage – capable actors bring an inventive script to life in an arc that is paced comfortably enough, and timed bite-sized enough (pun intended), to succeed in its intentions.

The Code is a respectable way for you to spend internet time; you’ve paid to see much worse in long-form.  I’m hoping the 11 awards it won at Splatterfest 2011 open some doors up for this team – they deserve it.

Watch “The Code” here.

Director:  Mark Blitch
Producers:  Mark Blitch, Alan Tregoning & Jason Walter Vaile
Screenwriters:  Alan Tregoning & Jason Walter Vaile
Starring:   Tamara Voss, Taylor Brandt, Todd Terry, Daylon Walton, Kevin A. Green, Ben Cody Rogers



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